It's been said you're either a part of the problem or you're part of the solution.

Do you love the outdoors? Are you willing to spend 2-3 minutes per week ensuring your way of life lives on into the next generation? If so, you're the person we're looking for to become our next Digital Mentor. Click here to get the free Powderhook app and get started.


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What is Powderhook?

Powderhook is the front door to the outdoors.
The Powderhook app is built for sportsmen interested in learning more about outdoor pursuits, such as hunting, fishing, camping and more. Whether you're new to the outdoors, new to an area or a lifelong enthusiast, Powderhook will make it easier to get out more often.
We are a community of conservationists working to make a difference in the lives of people we may never meet, but with whom we share a bond in our love for the outdoors. Digital Mentoring, made possible through a partnership with Pass it On - Outdoor Mentors and Cabela's Outdoor Fund, is an integral part of what happens in the app. 

With Powderhook new people, whether new to an area, or new to the outdoors altogether discover:

  • People nearby willing to help
  • Mentors willing to help make the next outing easier and more fun
  • Free maps for public land in all 50 states, plus thousands of depth contours for lakes and rivers
  • Thousands of outdoor events curated just for you
  • Fun and interesting local content not available anywhere else

What is a Digital Mentor?

Digital Mentors are the active stakeholders in the future of our outdoor way of life. We are bound together by our desire to make a difference in the lives of people we may never meet, only because they're interested in sharing in our way of life. It takes only a couple minutes to become a Digital Mentor. Then as a mentor, it will take a minute or two here and there to chip in and help people in your area as needed. Everything happens via the Powderhook app, and we'll notify you when we need your help.

We believe this commitment of a few critical minutes a week can make all the difference in the life of someone new - whether that person is new to the outdoors, new to your area, or new to a pursuit you may know a lot about.

Digital Mentoring is made possible through our partnership with Cabela's Outdoor Fund and Pass it On - Outdoor Mentors.

Does it take a lot of time?

Digital Mentors commit to helping via the app when needed. For most people it's a commitment of a minute or two every few days. We'll notify you when someone needs help. You open the app, provide any insight you can and you're done.

What if I don't know the answer to a question?

No one can know every answer. Only help when you feel comfortable that what you know can really help someone. Over time we'll be working to funnel you questions based on what you feel comfortable answering.

Why is the app anonymous?

Ever notice when you hunt, fish, shoot trap, camp or do just about anything else outdoors most of the people look just like you? That's not good enough if we want to protect our way of life for future generations. We don't care what people look like. We don't care how much experience they do or don't have. We don't care if they're young or old. Got hot pink hair and 100 tattoos? Cool. We only care that you learn, go, and responsibly share in our way of life. Anonymity lowers the barriers.

Are you going to bug me all the time if I become a Digital Mentor?

We're going to email or push a notification to your phone when someone near you needs an answer. Outside of that, Powderhook will email you every week or so with news, ideas, tips, events, trips and more. We believe every communication will help you, or help you help someone else. You can always opt out, and we will never provide anyone else with your information.

What do I get for being a Digital Mentor?

Each time you put something in the app your post will carry the Digital Mentoring badge. Outside of that, we'll be sharing stories of people you helped. Today, helping people is the only real reward. In time, we'll be working with our partners to add additional benefits such as discounts, offers, or exclusive events. First we gotta prove our work makes a difference!