First Hunt - 10/6/19

Partnering with the Ringneck Rustlers Chapter of Pheasants Forever, Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors hosted a First Hunt pheasant hunt for recent hunter ed graduates.

First Hunts are very controlled hunts that are designed to re-enforce lessons learned in hunter ed. The afternoon started with a review of upland hunting safety topics, reviewing material from their class. We then move on to some basic shotgun shooting instruction, getting the new hunters comfortable and confident in their ability to break clay targets. Then we move them to the next station where they walk toward a “dog on point” and a target is thrown at random times. The new hunter must stop, mount the gun, take the safety off and shoot the clay. This exercise is meant to get them ready to safely shoot at flushing birds once they go afield.

After getting confident in their shooting skills, the new hunters pair up with a mentor who walks the field by their side. Birds are placed in bird launchers so that we have a very controlled “hunt” and they can focus on their zone of fire and safe gun handling while walking the field.

The new hunters are then given instruction on how to field dress the birds and the proper care of the bird to get them home and ready for the table.

For this event, we had both young hunters as well as adults participating. For all of them, this was their first taste of pheasant hunting. They’re ready for November and the opening of the upland season now!

We want to thank the volunteers from the Ringneck Rustlers PF Chapter, the Keeper of the Plains QF Chapter and FTAC Academy for mentoring the new hunters. A special thanks to Kansas Game Birds for providing us with pheasants at discounted pricing. We also want to thank Michael Murphy & Sons for allowing us to hold the event at their facility. All great folks!!