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ARC January Float

THE ARC JANUARY 27, 2018 FLOAT will launch at Rainbow Bend Bridge and take out at Geuda Springs Bridge.

FLOAT COORDINATOR: Wally Seibel, contact or 316-684-0730 for information or boat reservations . . .    cell contact at the put in on Jan 27- Vince Marshall at 316 680 9669.

REQUIRED:  A signed Waiver and Release of Liability is required of each participating paddler, even if you use your own boat.  Get forms from www.ArkRiverCoalition org; go to Floats >Waiver forms and click on Adult or Minors waiver form.  Please download and complete before arriving. 

MEETING TIME AND SCHEDULE: Boats supplied by ARC will be assigned and available for loading personal gear by 8:30. Drivers, please be prepared to join the vehicle shuttle to the take out promptly at 9:00.


From Udall head south on Clark Street, which becomes 21st Rd south of Udall, and continue south for 14.0 miles to 202nd Rd.  Turn right onto 202nd Rd and go 0.5 mile to the bridge.

From Oxford head east on US-160 for 3.8 miles, turn right onto 21st Rd  and continue south for 4.2 miles to 202nd Rd.  Turn right onto 202nd Rd and go 0.5 mile to the bridge.

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: The float trip will cover about 8.3 river miles at a leisurely paddling  pace. There will be an extended rest stop and lunch break (BYOL) around noon. Expect to arrive at the take out by mid afternoon, between 2:30 and 3:00, and be on your way home by 3-4 p.m.

NEED A KAYAK?  The Arkansas River Coalition has kayaks to lend. If you need a kayak, contact Wally as soon as possible to make arrangements.

RSVP: Although a response in not required if you have your own boat, it is appreciated and to your advantage to RSVP if you plan to participate so that you can be contacted if weather conditions require a change in plan or venue.

OPTIONAL CAMPING: The Saturday only paddlers will take out at the Geuda Springs Bridge and head for home. You are invited to join those of us who will continue on down river to camp overnight on a sandbar.  Sunday we will take out at Ark City, about 6 river miles from the Geuda.

PLEASE NOTE- COLD WEATHER REQUIREMENTS: Cold weather paddling presents special challenges and dangers. In case of a spill, all soaked, wet clothing must be removed very quickly and be replaced with dry to prevent hypothermia. We will be prepared to quickly make a warming fire where possible and carry towels, sleeping bags and warming blankets.

1. Do not wear garments like jeans and sweatshirts made of cotton. They are heavy and very cold when wet and take forever to dry. Wear garments of man-made fabrics or wool - wool retains its insulating properties even when damp or wet.

2. Wear boots that will keep your feet dry in water up to 12 inches depth. You may have to drag your boat off a submerged sandbar.

3. Bring a complete change of clothes secured in a dry bag. If you do not have a dry bag, a trash compactor bag with the opening twisted, turned back on itself and rubber-banded makes an excellent substitute.

4. Layer your clothing. The amount of clothing for a cold morning may need to be adjusted to later weather conditions and paddling exertion.

SAFETY RULES:  Safety is paramount, these safety guidelines must be observed

1. A life jacket, or personal flotation device (PFD), must be worn at all times when on the water- no exceptions.

2. There will be a designated lead boat, or probe, and a sweep. Stay with the group, do not move ahead of the probe and do not fall behind the sweep. This makes it possible for aid to arrive more quickly in case help is needed. This is especially important in cold weather

3. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly not allowed while floating or during rest/lunch stops.

MEDICAL: Participants should be in good health and good physical condition. It takes extra time and expense when a paddler needs to receive medical attention and for possible later evacuation from a remote river location.

COST: There is no cost for joining our floats. The activities of the Arkansas River Coalition and its river floats are made possible by voluntary, tax deductible, donations from friends, supporters and  participants like you. A $15 donation is suggested when using ARC supplied equipment. Please make donation checks payable to The Arkansas River Coalition, Inc. In case of cash donations, write the amount of your donation on the back of your Waiver of Liability form.

The Arkansas River Coalition is much more than just a paddle club. If  you are not a member of ARC, please consider joining to support its mission to protect, restore and improve the entire watershed and enhance the well-being of all life it sustains. Membership forms may be downloaded from this web site,

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