November 6, 2017
Contact: Eric Dinger  


The SHIFT Awards recognize individuals, initiatives, or organizations that make innovative, impactful and replicable contributions to conservation through human-powered outdoor recreation.

JACKSON HOLE, WY The Center for Jackson Hole today announced Nebraska-based startup Powderhook as the recipient of the 2017 SHIFT Award in the "Technology" category.

To determine Award nominees, SHIFT researchers identified more than 300 individuals or initiatives from around North America (found here) that leveraged outdoor recreation for conservation gains. Further evaluations were then made of more than 130 initiatives in six categories: Non-Profit Leadership, Business Leadership, Public Land-Management Innovation, Technology, Youth Engagement and Adventure Athlete.

SHIFT’s evaluators then ranked each initiative or individual according to the criteria found here.

The Awards are part of SHIFT’s commitment to showcasing on-the-ground work that is successfully meeting challenges at the nexus of outdoor recreation and conservation in communities across the country.

Powderhook was chosen from a group of finalists including fellow tech startup Hipcamp, along with American Conservation Experience’s WildSNAP, and NIC’s YourPassNow.

According to founder, Eric Dinger, the award is important recognition for the innovative approach Powderhook has taken to growing outdoor participation. “If you’re a hunter, angler, or shooter, there is a really strong chance you had a mentor. Our Digital Mentoring program is one way we can grow the number of people offering mentorship, and thus the chances someone can easily find a mentor. Today’s new participants are dealing with completely different circumstances than did generations before them, from the prevalence of mobile technology to urbanization, lack of time, and access challenges. The success of Digital Mentoring is proof we can continue to pass along our heritage in new ways,” said Dinger.

Digital Mentoring was made possible through a partnership between Powderhook, Pass it On! Outdoor Mentors, and the Cabela's Outdoor Fund. For more information, or to become a Digital Mentor, search Powderhook in your App Store or Google Play.


Photo [Courtesy of Powderhook]

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