Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

There is a great article by Tom Keer that was first published in Ruffed Grouse Society magazine talking about peer-to-peer mentoring. (Click here for the RGS Facebook page).

Quoting from article,

Think about it. Our next generation
is highly social and digitally connected.
About 2.3 billion people use nearly 1,000
different social media platforms to share
information. YouTube alone has over a
billion users, with hundreds of millions
of hours of video consumed every day.
Theirs is an inter-connected version of
show-and-tell, meaning that our next
generation is probably more comfortable
learning from a peer than a mentor. While
my efforts as a teacher/mentor reach some
young adults, a greater number could be
reached through peers. The generation
gap is bridged, lessons are learned and
a new generation of young bird hunters
carries the torch onward.

You can read the whole article here. As we look at the work ahead of us to reverse the trend of declining numbers of hunters, this is another approach to getting more folks outdoors.