The Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors Program is designed to match children with mentors who want to share an interest in our outdoor heritage and will include promoting the enjoyment, understanding, protection, and restoration of our natural ecosystems. The program will stress "passing on":

  • Respect for the Outdoors by supporting and understanding the work of wildlife biologists and resource managers and becoming stewards of the environment by participating in conservation efforts,
  • Respect for the Outdoor Tradition by becoming comfortable with a variety of activities in the outdoors that can lead to new hobbies that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, 
  • Respect for Fish and Game by defining success in the field by the pleasure of the experience, companionship of fellow outdoors men and women, and experiencing wildlife in natural settings,
  • Respect for the Landowner by acting as a guest and leaving the land better than before you came,
  • Respect for the Water by learning safe boating procedures and wearing lifejackets when in a boat or near deep or running water, 
  • Respect for the Law by understanding and supporting the laws and regulations governing hunting and fishing that protect and conserve our resources, 
  • Respect for the Resource by becoming familiar with the equipment involved and practicing to become proficient and knowledgeable of one's own abilities, 
  • Respect for the Firearm by attending firearm safety clinics, practicing safe firearm handling at all times and by promoting safety for one's self and others at home and in the field,
  • Respect for One's Self by conducting oneself in a manner to ensure the future of outdoors activities, using good manners in the outdoors, and setting a good example for others, and 
  • Respect for the Future of the Outdoors by acknowledging that enjoying the outdoors is a privilege and not a right.

By following these principles of conduct each time afield, we give our best to the sport, the public, the environment and ourselves. The responsibility to enjoy the outdoors ethically is ours.