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Outreach Program Handbook

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About Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors


Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors’ mission is to provide outdoor experiences and ongoing opportunities to children and mentors in order to develop future generations of hunters and anglers thereby positively impacting the conservation of natural resources and the lives of children.


Our Vision is to be the leader in outdoor youth mentoring, partnering with state fish and wildlife agencies, conservation organizations and youth organizations to provide children in all 50 states with meaningful outdoor experiences.  We will recruit future generations of hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts while also providing a platform for mentors and children to build meaningful relationships that positively impact lives.


To provide continued hunting opportunities (dove, teal, pheasant, waterfowl, turkey, and deer) for shooting sports teams in Kansas by partnering with local conservation groups who will facilitate and lead various hunts.


In Kansas, the High School Trap Shooting Program is growing at a great pace, having started 4 years ago, there were 74 high schools across Kansas with 1,800+ students participating in the league in 2019. There were 1,000+ shooters at the state high school trap shoot.  Most, if not all, of these shooters have their hunter safety card and a shotgun. In addition, 4-H Shooting Sports in Kansas has over 5,300 participants.

Unfortunately, there is no coordinated, focused, intentional effort to encourage these youths to go hunting. This is a youthful population that is educated and trained on shooting shotguns and there is a huge opportunity to instill and support the passion of hunting with these athletes.

Our program's purpose is to engage these shooting sports teams and provide them continued hunting opportunities to inspire them to become independent and empowered hunters all while networking these young hunters to local conservation groups that will continue to be a support line for them. 


  1. Provide outdoor opportunities to shooting sports athletes who are new to the sport of hunting

  2. Provide continued hunting opportunities to retain shooting sports athletes 

  3. Create a sense of community among volunteer groups (NGOs), youth, and mentoring organizations to provide on-going support for outdoor opportunities.

  4. Empower shooting sports athletes to be confident and independent hunters. 


It is critical that our shooting sports outreach program collects data via pre-hunt survey, post-hunt survey, and follow-up survey to evaluate effectiveness of the program. This data will help us implement appropriate hunting/fishing/shooting opportunities for Kansas shooting sports teams. This data will also help us determine if our efforts are contributing to our National R3 Plan and State R3 plan. These surveys extremely accessible, quick to complete,  and will be administered at different times.

  1. Pre-Hunt Survey: Administered BEFORE hunt. Shooting athletes will have access to this survey once they sign a liability waiver. This survey will be attached to the waiver and liability form. Both must be completed before hunt.  

  2. Post-Hunt Survey: Administered 1 week POST hunt. Director of Field Operations will distribute this survey via email, google text and will rely on coaches encourage athletes to take survey.

  3. Follow-up Survey: Administered 1 year after hunting season (i.e. turkey season to turkey season). Director of Field Operations will distribute this survey via email and google text.

 For convenience, these surveys can be accessed in three locations: 

  1. Website Link: Waiver/Liability & Survey

  2. Private FB Group Link: KS Shooting Sports Outreach Program

  3. Powderhook App


  1. Communicate thoroughly with all parties 

  2. Engage coaches and conservation groups on hunting dates and times 

  3. Arrange shooting teams and conservation groups on various land locations

  4. Communicate land location, conservation group information, and shooting sports team information with all parties 

  5. Share shooting sports hunt process manual with all parties and answer any questions

  6. Confirm that coaches get confirmed attendance with signed waizer and pre-hunt survey completion on website or on Powderhook 

  7. Follow up with post-hunt and follow-up surveys

  8. Schedule recurring hunts (same or different species) with appropriate parties


  1. Communicate hunt date and locations with athletes 

  2. Secure hunt attendance. (Number of athletes going on hunt) Communicate attendance number and details to volunteer group/Director of Field Operations

  3. Make sure shooting athletes purchase proper license, HIP stam, tags, etc. 

  4. Make sure liability waiver and Pre-hunt survey are completed by each participant: Waiver/Liability & Survey


  1. Communicate any specific hunt details with shooting sports team coach

  2. Find other group members to help with hunt if needed

  3. Communicate with landowner if necessary

  4. Complete a safety demonstration before hunt begins 

  5. Lead and facilitate hunt


  1. Purchase a hunting license and appropriate tags/permits for the season

  2. Acquire appropriate gear/ammo/firearm that might be needed for hunt

    1. If an athlete does not have access to an item, please communicate this

  3. Show up to the hunt that was committed to

  4. Have fun!


  1. The Director of Field Operations, Brittany Waldman will organize hunt dates with both high school shooting sports teams and local NGO groups. 

  2. Contact information for all parties will be shared at least 1 week in advance with all involved parties. 

  3. IF there is a problem with license, tags, ammo, clothing, etc purchasing, Pass It On can help cover costs. 

  4. Liability waiver and pre-hunt survey: These two items are CRITICAL to the hunt. They MUST be completed 

  5. The Director of Field Operations will be in charge of all follow up after the hunt. Post-hunt and follow-up surveys will be administered through contact information collected before the hunt. 

Contact Information:

Brittany Waldman: Director of Field Operations
Cell: 620-682-0617 (Call or Text)